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ANSI A300 (Part 3) Support Systems

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This part of the A300 standards applies to installation and maintenance of tree support systems, including cabling, bracing, and guying.  Part 3 Supplemental Support Systems addresses: 

  • Tools and equipment 
  • Cabling objectives
  • Types of cabling systems
  • Bracing objectives 
  • Dead-end bracing
  • Through-bracing 
  • Guying established trees
  • Guying newly transplanted trees
  • Tree-to-ground guying 
  • Tree-to-tree guying 
  • Propping trees and branches
  • Hardware sizing and selection tables 

A300 Part 3 Supplemental Support Systems standards provide four basic cabling methods:

  • Direct:Direct cabling consists of a single cable between two tree parts, e.g., two limbs, two stems, or a trunk and a limb.
  • Triangular:Triangular cabling consists of connecting tree parts in combination of threes. This method should be preferred, when maximum support is required.
  • Box: Box cabling consists of connecting four or more tree parts in a closed series. This system should be used only when minimal direct support is needed.
  • Hub and Spoke:Hub and Spoke cabling consists of a center attachment (hub) with spans (spokes) of cable radiating to three or more leaders. Hub and Spoke cabling should only be used when other installation techniques cannot be installed.