Host a TPAQ Course


With the release of the 10th edition of the Guide for Plant Appraisal, it became clear to ASCA that the industry was lacking a comprehensive course that teaches professionals about the theory and application of appraisal approaches, methods, and techniques. To meet that need, ASCA created the Tree and Plant Appraisal Qualification (TPAQ) program.


What Is the TPAQ Certificate Program?

The TPAQ certificate program is an interactive training experience that delves into the concepts contained in the 10th edition of the Guide for Plant Appraisal. Using instructor-led discussions and case scenarios to illustrate concepts, you will become proficient in conducting appraisals using the various approaches contained in the 10th edition.

The training culminates with an open-book exam that tests attendees on their comprehension of the material and concepts. Successful candidates will receive a certificate and be entitled to list TPAQ as a credential.

Approved Course Providers Are Responsible for:

  • Providing a classroom site location and meeting all other site requirements.
  • Providing a ratio of one instructor for every 20 attendees (host organization pays the speaker fee and costs).
  • Marketing the training.
  • Providing a way for students to register and pay for the class and collecting the required contact information.
  • Providing an ASCA-endorsed trainer, classroom, and outdoor space necessary for delivering the training.
  • Providing staff to administer and proctor the test.
  • Securely sending completed tests to ASCA for grading and recordkeeping.
  • Returning any unused tests to maintain the programs integrity.
  • Paying fees and sending requested information to ASCA in a timely manner.
  • Abiding by the terms of the agreement and being committed to maintaining the integrity of the TPAQ certificate program.


ASCA Will Provide Hosts With:

  • PowerPoint curriculum.
  • Handouts.
  • The test.
  • Grading for all tests.
  • Testing results for everyone that attends.
  • Recordkeeping for each attendee.
  • Marketing templates the host can use to promote the program.
  • Details about the workshop on ASCA's website.
  • A list of ASCA-endorsed TPAQ instructors from which to choose.


Two Models for Hosting Your TPAQ Course

Model A
Host Handles All Logistics/Marketing/On-site Staff Person

The Hosting Organization Will:

  • Contract with an ASCA-endorsed instructor(s) and pay speaking fee and travel costs.
  • Contract with facility/site that meets course requirements.
  • Provide AV equipment.
  • Provide food and beverage, if desired.
  • Market the program to potential attendees.
  • Provide attendee information to ASCA.
  • Provide a person on site to oversee logistics. This person will also be responsible for the testing environment and returning all tests to ASCA for scoring.

Model B
Host Contracts with ASCA to put on TPAQ Workshop in Their Area

ASCA Will:

  • Contract with an endorsed instructor(s) and pay travel costs.
  • In consultation with sponsor, handle all logistics.
  • Set up and coordinate all registrations.
  • In coordination with sponsor, market the program.
  • Administer and score the test.


If you have an interest in hosting a TPAQ event, click the button above to contact ASCA staff about details.