Renew Your Membership: Approved CEU Schedule

Maintaining Your Membership

You must earn 30 CEUs every two years to maintain your ASCA membership. For the current renewal cycle, CEUs must have been earned between October 1, 2017 and September 30, 2019.

Submitted CEUs will be reviewed for approval. Once 30 CEUS are approved, members are not required to submit additional CEUs. Only items submitted as instructed here will be accepted for review/approval.

Approved CEUs for Renewal

ASCA Education


ASCA Consulting Academy

30 CEUs

ASCA Annual Meeting

20 CEUs

ASCA Annual Meeting Pre-Conference Workshop

8 CEUs

ASCA On-Demand Webinars

1 CEU each

Continuing Education

ISA Annual Meeting


TCIA Annual Meeting

15 CEUs*

Closely related national professional conferences or allied professions national conferences (must be a multi-day events)

15 CEUs*

Completion of a formal continuing adult education course in business, writing, arboriculture or closely related field with a demonstration of competency (approved by ASCA)

 15 CEUs*


ISA chapter or other regional, state or local associations or government or privately sponsored functions

6 CEUs per full day;
3 CEUs for half day*


14.5 CEUs

Online seminars in business, writing, arboriculture, or closely related field (Approved by ASCA)

1 Hour = 1 CEU

Regional or state certification or license program in agriculture and life science with a demonstration of competency (Approved by ASCA)
Note: new certifications only, renewals do not qualify.

10 CEUs*

*If the number of ASCA-assigned CEUs listed above differ from ISA-assigned CEUs, the number of ISA-assigned CEUs can be used to meet the requirement.