To be an ASCA member, you must have at least five years of experience in arboriculture plus one of the following educational requirements:

  1. A four-year degree in arboriculture or a closely related field such as urban forestry, horticulture, plant pathology, entomology, forestry, or plant biology.
  2. Board Certified Master Arborist.
  3. A minimum of 240 approved CEUs.


Maintaining Membership

You must earn 30 CEUs every two years to maintain your ASCA membership—see a list of approved CEUs below.



ASCA Approved CEUs

Formal Education


Closely related four-year degree

300 CEUs

Unrelated four-year degree

180 CEUs

Closely related two-year degree

120 CEUs

Unrelated two-year degree

60 CEUs

ISA Certification

Board Certified Master Arborist (BCMA )

300 CEUs

ISA Certified Arborist

60 CEUs

Continuing Education

ASCA Consulting Academy

30 CEUs

ASCA Annual Meeting

20 CEUs

Completion of a formal continuing adult education course in arboriculture (approved by ASCA)

15 CEUs

ISA Annual Meeting

12 CEUs

TCIA Annual Meeting

12 CEUs

ASCA workshop or sponsored meeting

10 CEUs

Other national arboricultural meetings

10 CEUs

ISA or TCIA functions on a chapter or regional basis

7 CEUs

Related subject matter conferences (e.g., Expert Witness Conference, American Society of Appraisers)

7 CEUs

Authoring an arboricultural-related article in a refereed professional journal

7 CEUs

Completing a home-study course related to arboriculture (approved by ASCA)

7 CEUs

Other regional or state arboricultural meetings (e.g., State Urban Forestry Council)

5 CEUs

Speaking at a bona fide arboricultural meeting (NOTE: May be added to an authorized credit for attendance)

5 CEUs Max of 30

Authoring an arboricultural-related article in a non-refereed publication

5 CEUs Max of 30

Local arboricultural meeting sponsored by public or private entity (e.g., cooperative extension, local government, private consultant or firm)

3 CEUs Max of 30

Authoring regular news column or hosting a radio or TV program (arboriculture only)

3 CEUs

ASCA online seminars (per seminar)