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Q: How far from a utility line should a Prairie Gold® aspen tree be planted?

Wednesday, August 24, 2016  

Q: How big does the root system get for a Prairie Gold® aspen tree? How far from a utility line should it be planted? Will planting 24 inches from a gas line be too close?

A: The information provided below comes from this document from Purdue University. It indicates that Prairie Gold® aspen should do well in Iowa. Since it is a medium-size tree at maturity (40 feet tall), it is highly unlikely to cause any root problems. Close proximity of gas lines should not deter you from planting and nurturing an aspen on top of or next to a gas line. Good luck and enjoy your aspen.

Prairie Gold® has a rapid growth rate (approximately three to five feet per year) under moist soil conditions and little to no trouble with iron chlorosis. Prairie Gold® has an upright, slender growth habit with an approximate mature size of 40 feet tall and 50 feet wide.

Responder: David Jahn, RCA #425, Des Moines, IA