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Q: New shoots are growing from dead crabapple tree. What can be done to encourage the growth?

Wednesday, June 29, 2016  

Q: A 1.5 diameter crabapple died off after two years from replant. It could be winter kill etc. New shoots of growth from the base have come out, and are now about 2 feet tall. Is there are any way to encourage that new growth into a normal looking/blossoming tree, or will it always be stunted? If yes, what can I do to encourage it?

A: The shoots from the base are probably come from below the graft and will produce a tree that is the root stock. It will not be the same variety as the crabapple and will be of poor quality. Unfortunately, the best option is to replace the tree soon so it gets a good start at establishing early in this growing season. Any shoots from above the graft will be difficult to develop into a desirable tree and will have a weak trunk--they seldom produce a good tree.

Responder: Don Godi, RCA #444, Lakewood, CO