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Q: How can we help our Mulberry tree which has stunted leaves?

Tuesday, March 15, 2016  

Q: I live in zone 9. We have a 40+ year-old mulberry tree in our backyard that is ailing. We trim the tree annually but do not use pollarding. Last year, the majority of the tree bore stunted leaves. The canopy of former years did not grow. What can we do to help our tree? Thank you for your advice.

A: Stunted leaves on a mulberry, or any tree, is generally a sign of either a systemic problem or of chemical/herbicide damage. Systemic problems can include excess water causing root infection/rotting, decay in the trunk that interferes with the sap flow, or even a systemic infection like cotton root rot. Chemical damage will generally have funny patterns or crinkled leaves associated with the stunting. Good watering (deeply once every week or two) and fertilization with a complete fertilizer should show results if the tree has enough energy to respond. If it does not respond, use ASCA's Find a Consulting Arborist to find a professional near you who will do some discovery work to see if any of the problems are present.


Responder: Patrick Brewer, RCA #543, Austin, TX