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Q: If a live oak is losing its leaves on one side, will it come back in spring or is it dying?

Tuesday, February 23, 2016  

Q: One of the live oaks in front of my house is losing all leaves on one side. Other oaks along the street are fully leafed. Do you have any idea of a cause? Will it possibly come back in spring or is it dying?

A: If the twigs are dry, the tree may be dead. Examine the tips of the branches very closely. Tiny buds should be visible and the tips should be pliable, and it should be green when the bark is scraped. It is not uncommon for sections of live oaks to defoliate at different times. This could be caused by stress to the root system, such as cutting, restriction of adequate space to grow, or an improperly developed root system caused by some other factor. If the portion of the tree is actually dead, look for signs of borer damage or damaged sections of bark. It may be necessary to contact an ISA Certified Arborist or a Registered Consulting Arborist for an onsite diagnosis.


Responder: Robert Hager, RCA #416, Fairvew, TX