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Q: A cedar is for the first time dropping millions of seeds. Is this indicative of illness?

Tuesday, February 23, 2016  

Our 15 year old incense cedars are for the first time dropping millions of tiny seed-like things. Is this indicative of illness or just natural after so many years? Is there anything to do to stop it?

A: Being 15 years old, your incense cedar trees are probably just beginning to be mature enough to produce many seeds. There is really nothing to do to stop the seeds--the trees produce more seeds some years than others. Sometimes if they seed really hard, it signals stress or health issues. Last year, the summer and fall were very dry, which could have aided in seed production due to stress from the lack of water. If you are still concerned about the trees, get a hold of a local Consulting Arborist to look at your trees.


Responder: David Hunter, RCA #408, Forest Grove, OR