Industry News: Tree Risk Assessment

Q: If a tree is growing against our house gutters, what are out options for preventing futur damage?

Wednesday, January 20, 2016  

Q: We have a large tree growing against our gutters at the back of our home in Denver. I believe the tree is a plains cottonwood. It has a major "V" a little ways up the trunk--the larger half extends against our gutter and over our roof and the other extends towards our neighbor's yard. We like having such a large tree, but are afraid of the damage it could do in the future. What are our options for preventing future damage from the tree?

A: Any tree that has parts touching the house should have those parts and maybe even more of the tree removed. This tree requires evaluation by a qualified tree care service. insurance coverage on the building may be impacted.

Responder: Don Godi, RCA #444, Lakewood, CO