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Q: What tree will grow tall, won't have surface roots, and won't damage our home 15 feet away?

Monday, January 4, 2016  
We recently lost a 125-year-old oak tree that was located about 15 feet from our house and patio. While it was a sad loss of an old tree, it was also a relief. It was tall and massive in width, and if it had fallen over, it would have crushed our home or our neighbor's. We live outside Philadelphia and want to replace this tree in the same location. It provided wonderful shade. I am looking for a tree that will grow tall, but where the limbs and trunk won't create the same level of risk to our homes. I am also looking for a tree that won't have a lot of surface roots.

A: It's unfortunate that you lost such a great asset. To obtain the same objective while reducing future risk, you may want to consider willow oak or hackberry. These are great species requiring minimal maintenance.


Responder: John Hosbach, Jr., RCA #483, Ridley Park, PA