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Q: Why would a pin oak that was diagnosed and treated for Kermes scale be attracting bees?

Monday, January 4, 2016  

Q: Our pin oak was diagnosed by an arborist with Kermes scale. It's been shedding groups of leaves over the last couple of months. We had the tree fed and something injected into the ground, and they recommend dormant oil spray in late fall and winter. Meanwhile, for the last four weeks or so, the tree is "buzzing" with thousands of bees every day. What are they doing? I'm assuming they're feeding on something.

A: The yellow jacket wasps are feeding on the adult female Kermes scales. From your description, the diagnosis and recommended treatments are correct. The soil treatment may take a year to be effective. Dormant oil in October will also help to control the scale infestation.


Responder: Steven Geist, RCA #340, Aurora, CO