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Q: Should I have an arborist look at my pine tree that died in less than a month to test the soil?

Thursday, December 31, 2015  

Q: I have a 15-year old pine tree that died in less than a month.  Do I need to have an arborist look at the tree before I have it removed?  I want to plant another tree in its place.  Is there some kind of soil treatment I need to do so that the disease doesn't spread to the new tree?

A: The tree could have died for a number of reasons. Was there recent construction activity on this property or a neighboring property? Where is the tree located? Check to make sure that the root crown is not buried. If the tree is below the natural grade, this could be the reason the tree died, even after 15 years. If the soil is suspected of containing any pathogens that could have killed the tree, the soil should be tested by a soil lab for that specific pathogen.

Responder: Ted Lubeshkoff, RCA #513, Arcadia, CA