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Q: Maple's leaves have little nodules on them and are turning brown. What's causing this?

Wednesday, December 30, 2015  

Q: There is something wrong with my tree. I think it's some kind of maple--the leaves resemble oak leaves, and they have little red and green nodules on them and are turning brown and falling off. It is a very large, old tree, and we would hate to lose it! We live in central Pennsylvania. If you can help us figure out what is causing this, we would greatly appreciate it!

A: What you are seeing could either be a fungal leaf disease or a gall created by a parasitic wasp. Fortunately, neither issue, all other things being equal, typically will cause a tree to decline. It's more of an aesthetic issue and a nuisance to clean up. I would recommend having a qualified arborist to take a look at the tree to confirm the tree species and identify the problem. As it is a large, mature tree, there could be other issues to consider. Best of luck.


Responder: Jon Schach, RCA #535, Harrisburg, PA