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Q: Landscapers pointed out that we have ash borers in some of our trees. What actions are recommend?

Wednesday, December 30, 2015  

Q: We just moved into a property in the suburbs of Chicago, and while we were getting quotes from landscapers, it was pointed out to us that we have ash borers in some of our trees, evidenced by holes in the trunk. What can we do to get rid of them?

A: It sounds like you may have emerald ash borer and or ash lilac borer. If this is the case, your best option for treatment would be a product called Tree-age (Emamectin benzoate). It will control both insects. My only concern is that you are seeing the holes of the insect and you live in an area with a high emerald ash borer population. If it is emerald ash borer and you are seeing holes down low, it may be too late to treat. I would consult with an ISA (Internatinal Society of Arboriculture) or an arborist who is a member of ASCA (American Society of Consulting Arborists). I would have them look at the tree and determine if treatment is still a viable option or not.


Responder: Matt Evans, RCA #522, Lenexa, KS