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The last great tree: a majestic relic of Canada's vanishing rainforest

Tuesday, April 2, 2019  
Posted by: Dana Walker

On a cool morning in the winter of 2011, Dennis Cronin parked his truck by the side of a dirt


logging road, laced up his spike-soled caulk boots, put on his red cargo vest and orange hard hat, and stepped into the trees.

He had a job to do: walk a stand of old-growth forest and flag it for clearcutting.

In many ways, this patch of forest was unremarkable. Cronin had spent four decades traipsing through tens of thousands of similar hectares of lush British Columbia rainforest, and had stood under hundreds of giant, ancient trees. Over his career in the Canadian logging industry, he had seen the seemingly inexhaustible resource of big timber continue to dwindle, and the unbroken evergreen that once covered Vancouver Island reduced to rare and isolated groves.

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