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Arborist Bart Fusco Shares Some Must-Know Winter Tree Care Tips

Friday, January 25, 2019  
Posted by: Dana Walker

After 48 years in the tree trade, Registered Consulting Arborist and Fox Tree Service owner


Bart Fusco certainly knows which way the wind blows on the East End when it comes to the do’s and don’ts of winter tree care. 

What types of trees can be trimmed in the colder months?
For most clients, I like to prune in the fall or very early spring. Fruit trees should be pruned when they are dormant, and many fruit production farms prune all winter.

What’s the difference between “trimming” and “pruning?”
Pruning is a way to enhance a tree, shrub or other woody plant’s structure and esthetics. The word “trimming” is more often used to describe the cutting of a plant’s foliage using hedge trimmers or small hand tools.

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