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Japan’s Cherry Blossoms (Some of Them) Appear Months Early

Wednesday, November 14, 2018  
Posted by: Dana Walker

An unusually strong typhoon season may have caused some of Japan’s famous cherry blossom


trees to bloom several months early.

Weathernews, a weather site in Japan, said it had received more than 350 reports this week of emerging cherry blossoms, which typically attract tourists from around the globe in April, when they usually appear.

With few exceptions, the picturesque pink flowers don’t reveal themselves in the fall. But Hiroyuki Wada, an arborist for the Flower Association of Japan, told the public broadcaster NHK that extreme weather had stripped the trees of leaves, which produce a hormone that inhibits the buds from growing. In September, Japan was walloped by Typhoon Jebi, its strongest storm in 25 years.

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