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Now is the time to plant shade trees. Here’s how to choose the best one for your yard

Wednesday, October 31, 2018  
Posted by: Dana Walker

Maybe it will come as news to many gardeners, but October is the very best month to buy


and plant shade trees. Nursery associations have been touting it for decades: “Fall Is For Planting.” But too often we’ve cast it aside as some kind of marketing ploy. Fact is, it really is true.

Reasons fall plantings are better…

  • Trees (and shrubs) planted now have the longest possible time – 6 or 7 months – to establish new roots before the next bout with hot weather rolls into town. Spring plantings, by comparison, come just weeks before summer.

  • You can easily judge a tree’s vigor at this time of the year. It should still have most of its leaves and they should be full-, or nearly full-sized.

  • If it’s a container-grown tree, it has probably spent the entire growing season in the same pot. Its root system should be well developed and ready to jump out into its new home.

  • Many nurseries have sales going on as they reduce inventories before winter.

  • You, and those you hire to help you, probably have more time to complete your tasks now that you will in the spring.

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