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Chronicles of the Sacramento Elms

Thursday, September 6, 2018  
Posted by: Dana Walker

Sacramento, the City of Trees. Our streets canopied by that signature tree. The


stately…“birch”? The stately…“poplar”? No, stately only comes to mind to describe the elm! The elm marched across the American landscape in the 1800’s as town squares embraced English-style rectangular brick building designs and cultural centerpiece trees like elms. Elms have come to represent the finest arboreal visage of our urban centers.

Politicians and poets, among others, have praised the elm for its contribution to our cities’ environment: “We walk in the shade of its lofty, spreading dome” (Thoreau); “We had rather walk beneath an avenue of elms than inspect the noblest cathedral that art ever accomplished” (H. W. Beecher). A stately tree, indeed.

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