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Mystery of the murdered tree, five years later

Monday, August 6, 2018  
Posted by: Dana Walker

Our gardening discussions give us a chance for lighthearted, upbeat fun each week, but it's


difficult to put a humorous spin on a tree that's headed for that big landscape in the sky.

Around this time five years ago, our gardening column, "The mystery of the murdered tree," investigated visible injury to the base of tree trunks. Now, five years later, I decided to revisit one of the trees we photographed at the time, to see if the tree recovered from its wounds.

In early July 2013, while driving around town, I noticed damage on trees ranging in age from newly planted to some that were quite large. The very-visible trunk and bark damage was slightly above ground level, and as I wrote at the time, the lower bark mutilation appeared to be caused by lawn mowers scraping the trunk and string trimmers whipping against the bark.

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