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The care and feeding of your Christmas tree

Wednesday, December 20, 2017   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Julie Hill

by Eric Hoyer, RCA #482


Although many people prefer an artificial tree due to the expense and care of a real tree, as an arborist and a forester, the thought of an artificial tree in my house is blasphemy. To each his own, however, and for those of you who prefer a real tree, I will offer some tips regarding the selection, setting up and caring for your real tree. I probably should have written this several weeks ago, but hopefully it will still be of benefit for some of you.

When selecting a tree, be sure it is fresh. Shake the tree lightly or brush a limb or two. If only a few needles fall, the tree is still fresh. A good tree lot should have its trees in the shade as much as possible. Our warm Florida weather can dry a tree out quickly if kept in the sun.

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