Consulting Academy 2016

February 23-26

Embassy Suites Napa Valley • Napa, California

ASCA's Consulting Academy
Because you're committed to being the best.

Successful Consulting Arborists have one thing in common—their commitment to delivering quality work products. They've made sure they have a full understanding of the core components of consulting—the function of a consultant, best practices for report writing, the dispute resolution process, and the role of a forensic investigation.

ASCA's Consulting Academy is the most comprehensive training experience for arborists who consult. Utilizing lectures and interactive exercises, you will learn the skills you need to grow as a consultant.

Pre-Academy Work

  • Pre-Academy Report: Once you've registered for the Academy, you will receive a scenario to use in preparing a written report that you are expected to submit prior to the Academy. Your practice report will be reviewed but not graded. It is sent to your coach so that he or she can review it and understand your current report writing skills. You will also use it during the report writing session at the Academy and during your one-on-one conference with your coach.

  • Practice Management Webinars: Included in your registration fee! You will be provided access to three one-hour online webinars that focus on important practice management topics: contracts, insurance, and determining your fees.

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