Saturday, December 2

10:00 am–11:00 am

In-Field Soil Assessment for Urban Trees

Soils have a major influence on urban tree health. The ability to quickly and accurately assess soils in the field is an important skill for arborists. In-field soil assessments allow arborists to quickly diagnose tree-soil issues, identify high-quality planting sites, and assess the efficacy of soil management activities. This presentation will discuss the major soil physical, chemical, and biological properties important for soil quality. The presentation will present tools and techniques that arborists can use for in-field assessment of soil quality. Lastly, the presentation will discuss how the information from in-field soil assessment can be applied for improving and maintaining urban tree health.

Bryant Scharenbroch, Ph.D.
University of Wisconsin Stevens Point
Stevens Point, Wisconsin

Dr. Bryant Scharenbroch is an assistant professor of soil science at the University of Wisconsin–Stevens Point and a research fellow at The Morton Arboretum. He has a Ph.D. in soil science from the University of Wisconsin–Madison, a master’s degree in plant science from the University of Idaho, and bachelor’s degrees in urban forestry and forest management from University of Wisconsin–Stevens Point. Dr. Scharenbroch’s research interests are pedology and urban soil quality.