Saturday, December 2

8:45 am–9:45 am

Expert Testimony—Tips From the Bench

Judge Stephen K. Bushong, an experienced trial judge and, before that, an experienced trial lawyer, will offer some tips on testifying effectively as an expert.  His presentation will cover:

  • Working with lawyers: how to prepare before you go to court
  • Testifying at a deposition: how deposition testimony differs from trial testimony
  • Effectively establishing your credentials to testify as an expert
  • Establishing credibility with the jury
  • Using demonstrative evidence
  • Surviving cross-examination
  • Understanding how your testimony fits into the big picture

Judge Bushong will use a recent Oregon timber trespass case to illustrate the importance of effective expert testimony. He will also attempt to answer any questions you may have about testifying in court.

Honorable Stephen K. Bushong
Circuit Court of Multnomah County
Portland, Oregon

Hon. Stephen K. Bushong has been a circuit court judge in Multnomah County since 2008.  He was named chief civil judge in 2013. Judge Bushong received his undergraduate degree and J.D. from the University of Michigan. After law school, Judge Bushong worked as a judicial clerk and joined the litigation department of the Miller Nash law firm in Portland in 1985. He worked for the Oregon Department of Justice from 1994 until he was appointed to the bench. At DOJ, he served as an assistant attorney general, attorney-in-charge of the Special Litigation Unit, and chief trial counsel of DOJ’s Trial Division. Judge Bushong serves on the Oregon Law Commission and has served on the Oregon State Bar’s Uniform Civil Jury Instruction Committee and the executive committees of the OSB’s Litigation and Government Law sections, and as chair of Multnomah Bar Association’s Professionalism Committee. He authored chapters in the OSB publications on Civil Pleading and Practice (2012) and Oregon Constitutional Law (2013) and regularly submits articles on “Recent Significant Oregon Cases” featured in the OSB’s Litigation Journal.