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Every Consulting Arborist in our referral database is an ASCA member, which means they have at least five years experience in arboriculture and a minimum of a four-year degree or the equivalent in arboriculture or a closely related field or a minimum of 240 continuing education units(CEUs). Those with the RCA after their names are Registered Consulting Arborists®, who have also completed our rigorous Consulting Academy. The Academy sharpens their skills in consulting and communication and developing effective written reports, increases their ability to carry out professional and legally defensible forensic investigations, and enhances their professional roles in contentious situations. To maintain their membership status, all ASCA members must be committed to continual education and earn 30 continuing education units (CEUs) every two years.

In all cases, when you hire an ASCA Consulting Arborist, you know you have the very best. With years of comprehensive experience and the most analytical and up-to-date skills, you'll have the right tree expert for your job!

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Contract Preparation and Supervision
Diagnosis of Tree and Landscape Problems
Expert Witness and Litigation
Forensic Investigations
Tree Risk Assesments and Surveys
Insect and Disease Identification and Management
Municipal Ordinance Development
Plant Health Care Programs
Training and Education
Tree, Landscape, and Nursery Appraisals
Tree Management for Arboreta, Golf Courses, and Nurseries
Tree Plant Inventories
Tree Planting Programs
Tree Protection for Construction Projects






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