Tree Ordinances and Policies


  • Tree Ordinance — This site defines the different categories of tree ordinances. It then takes you through the steps of evaluating the need for a tree ordinance and the steps to create one.

  • Guidelines for Developing and Evaluating Tree Ordinances — This site provides a variety of tools and resources for citizens and local governments interested in developing, revising, or evaluating local tree ordinances. Rather than using a "model ordinance" approach, they describe how tree ordinance development can be integrated with an overall community tree management program.

  • Treeord Software for Tree Ordinance Development — Software are for cities to help them develop ordinances that will ensure the future of their community forests.

  • Urban Forest Management Plan Toolkit —This site can be used by anyone managing a large population of trees in or near urban areas. The Toolkit website is intended to help urban forest managers develop management plans that are appropriate for their urban forests.


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