Registered Consulting Arborist®

"My experience has shown that RCAs are valued by many local agencies, businesses, and individuals in my community for their knowledge of the requirements for the healthy development of trees."
— Laurel C. Kelly, RCA #508

"I'm a second generation arborist with my father, and frequently prospective clients call for me even though he has more experience. My RCA really helps my marketability in getting clients."
— Chris D. Ahlum, RCA #465

To be truly successful in this competitive environment, you need to standout from the masses. In the arboricultural industry, you can differentiate yourself by achieving Registered Consulting Arborist® (RCA) status. As ASCA's highest level of membership, not everyone can qualify to become an RCA.

While becoming an RCA requires an investment of your time, the good news is you can do it at your own pace. And, the benefits to your consulting practice can be substantial.

Here's why current RCAs say they earned their RCA:

  • It better positions them within the marketplace — differentiating them from their competition.
  • It enhances their credibility because it proves their knowledge and skills and demonstrates a higher level of expertise.
  • Just going through the process to become an RCA improved their work product.

Qualifying to Apply

  • Be a Current ASCA Member

  • Graduate from ASCA's Consulting Academy
    Graduates of ASCA's Consulting Academy are able to deliver stronger work products after participating in sessions on technical writing and report preparation; practice management; duties to customers, clients, and employers; roles of a consultant; ethical principles; oral communications; dispute resolution; and forensics.

  • Continuing Education Requirements
    You must have earned 420 ASCA Continuing Education Units (CEUs) to meet the continuing education requirement. (See the list of CEUs.)

To Apply

  • Application Process
    In addition to completing the application and submitting the $100 application fee, you must also provide the following items:
    • Original Transcript — from the last educational institution attended (will not be returned).
    • Curriculum Vitae — detailed listing of consultation and educational activities.
    • Itemized list of CEUs.

  • Submitting Reports*
    Each report must receive a minimum score of 75% to meet the requirement.
    • Report #1: Scenario Report — Once the ASCA office has received your completed application, materials, and fee, you will receive a consulting scenario.
    • Report #2: Original Report — Upon successful review of your Scenario Report, you will be required to submit one of your own original reports.

      *A report review fee of $100 must accompany each report.






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